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You can find all information about our EMS based products in this wiki.


The Gateway part of the wiki is based on the latest V3.4 firmware. If you are running firmware 3.3 or lower you can check the older wiki HERE.

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You can also download this whole wiki as one user manual in PDF.

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Use the menu on the left or the search to find the information you need. Some starting points:


If you have a Gateway Premium II or older you cannot run V3 firmware. It is strongly recommended to upgrade the ESP8266 to an ESP32.

See this page for more information.

For those who already have a Premium II or other ESP8266 Gateway and you would like to get a new ESP32 Gateway I can offer a 30% discount. Send me an email via the contact form on the website with your old order ID.


When upgrading from v3.3 to v3.4 do the following steps after the update:

  • reload page in browser or close and reopen browser to update all scripts.

  • navigate to mqtt settings and disable mqtt-discovery, Click SAVE,

  • Wait 5 minutes (MINUTES not secondes),

  • Enable mqtt-discovery and click SAVE.

ww-entities are renamed to dhw, the above procedure ensures that the ww’s are removed and dhw’s are created.

Sometimes the menu on the left doesn’t scroll properly. Via the Table of Contents below you can see it all.

Table of Contents