Updating or downgrading the Gateway firmware

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The Gateway as delivered to you is loaded with a recent version of the open-source firmware from Proddy’s Github repository [1].

It is very easy to do firmware updates yourself via the web interface. Aside from stable releases you can also load beta versions and you can also downgrade the firmware if needed.

Updating firmware via the web interface

In the web interface of the Gateway there is the ‘Firmware update’ option to change the firmware of the Gateway. First you can download the latest stable version as a bin file to your local computer. You can do so by clicking on ‘Download’. Next you click on ‘Browse’ to look up the bin file on your computer and then upload the bin file or another bin file to the Gateway by clicking on the ‘Update’ button. After the firmware is uploaded, the Gateway will reboot and after avbout a minute you can access the web interface again.

If your Gateway works fine and there are no significant new features, its not recommended to update the firmware just for the sake of updating. Some firmware versions are not stable, features might be missing, and it can give stability or other issues.

Web interface firmware update menu

Using beta firmware

Its also possible to install beta versions via the web interface. However, in rare cases a wrong beta version may brick the Gateway and thus you cannot reach the web interface anymore. In that case you have to use Platform IO or the Espressif ESPtool to write a stable firmware version to the Gateway. If you don’t know how to do this, its better to not install beta versions.

If you are comfortable enough though, you can use the web interface to install a beta version.

Installing beta firmware via the web interface

Before updating the firmware its a good idea to backup the configuration of the Gateway. Do this via the ‘Backup and restore’ function.

Now visit the firmware releases [2] page. Aside from all stable releases, on the top you can find the latest development release. Click on ‘Assets’ and download the bin file with ‘d1_mini’ in its name. F.i. EMS-ESP-dev-d1_mini.bin.

Now go the the firmware update page in the web interface and use ‘Browse’ en ‘Update’ to locate the bin file and update the firmware.

Downgrading firmware

If for some reason you want to go back to a previous firmware version, use the method as described above to select a stable version on the firmware releases [2] page and to upload it to the Gateway.

Building and loading firmware via Platform IO

See the instructions on the Proddy’s Github repository [1].

Loading firmware via the ESPtool

See the instructions on the Proddy’s EMS-ESP Wiki [3].