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This store is dedicated to products for integrating your boiler, heatpump, thermostat, solar or mixer module from a Bosch brand like Bosch, Nefit, Buderus, Junkers, Sieger or Worcester via MQTT or a Restful API into your home automation system like Domoticz or Home Assistant.
You can read out almost every parameter and f.i. set the temperature directly from your home automation system.
I accept almost all major payment options and I ship to most countries.

Almost all Bosch brand boilers from the last 20 years or so use the same EMS bus interface to connect thermostats, solar/mixer modules etc to the boiler/heat pump.
Depending on the brand and the protocol version, the bus is called EMS, EMS+, EMS2, ‘2-wire bus’ and Heatronic 3.

EMS Bus Wi-Fi Gateway

The EMS Bus Gateway is a complete plug and play set neatly packed in a small enclosure that fits into your hand. Just plug in the device to the service jack on the boiler with the supplied jack cable and stick it to the side of the boiler. No additional cables are needed and everything is powered from the service jack itself.
Depending on the model they provide a wireless and/or wired networking interface.

EMS bus interface boards

I also offer a general EMS bus to TTL serial interface board which can interface the EMS bus with an Arduino, ESP8266, Raspberry Pi etc. Sold all over Europe and beyond, this interface board is the tried and tested method to play with the EMS bus that works for basically everyone.

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