Scheduler feature

The web interface of v3.6 has a new scheduler feature.

You can add a custom command to be executed by EMS-ESP either based on a time/date or with a timer. You need to insert commands as described in the API. See the EMS-ESP Commands [1].


It’s better to keep scheduled events in the same controller, so if you use f.i. Home Assistant it may be a good idea to create scheduled events there and not in the web interface of the Gateway. Otherwise both may execute scheduled events and works against each other.

Below the main overview:

Web interface scheduler feature

Example 1: Timer

Say you want to set the temperature setpoint of zone 2 to 20 degrees every hour.

Web interface scheduler example timer

Example 2: Weekly

Say you want to set the thermostat mode to night at 23:00. First you add the schedule options, next you can set the days on which this event should occur.

Web interface scheduler example weekly