Connecting a Gateway

Items in the box

In the box of the Gateway you can find the following items:

  • Gateway device

  • 12V power supply (if ordered)

  • 3,5mm jack cable

  • 3-wire JST cable

  • S32 and S32-LR only: green screw terminal

  • S32-LR only: external antenna

  • E32 only: jack to screw terminal adapter

  • E32 only: CH340 USB programmer stick

  • Brown magnetic tape (until June 2021)

  • White double sided tape (very strong)

If you want to stick the Gateway to a metal surface, you can use the brown magnetic strip. Press it firmly on the bottom side of the Gateway. If you want to mount the Gateway to a non-magnetic surface, use the white tape. It is very strong, it can only be used once.

You can also use the white tape to stick the brown magnetic tape on the Gateway for a stronger bond.

In general the order in which you should continue is as follows:

  • Connect the Gateway to your boiler

  • Connect the Gateway to your home network

  • Update the firmware to the last stable release version

  • Integrate the Gateway to your home automation

Now select your Gateway below.

Gateway models

Depending on the model of Gateway you have, the connections are slightly different. Pick your Gateway model from the list below:

Gateway model: