Help I can’t access my Gateway or maybe I bricked it


If you need to restore the device to factory settings but you cannot access it anymore, just reflash the firmware as described below. Newer Gateways have a reset button inside as well.

If your Gateway is not responding anymore, this can have several causes. Usually it’s because a firmware update failed, or the device has lost the WiFi connection. Or you have forgotten the passwords and need to reset the device.

First check the LED on the Gateway.

LED status


If the LED is off and not blinking, the Gateway may not have (enough) power or the firmware has been corrupted. First unplug it from the EMS bus and the power and replug it. If the Gateway starts blinking, it just needed a hard reboot.

If it stays off, remove the lid from the enclosure and connect a USB cable to the Wemos microcontroller. If it starts blinking, the Gateway still runs fine but there is a power issue (bad cable, dead power supply etc).

If the LED still remains off, the firmware might be corrupt or the device is bricked. Use the NodeMCU update method or Platform IO method to reflash the firmware.

Blinking or solid LED

If the LED is blinking, it has power and is working, but either can’t find the bus or the WiFi network. Check if there is a WiFi network ems-esp. If so, login and see what’s wrong. If your don’t see the ems-esp network, check if you can find the Gateway on your network. If so, try to access the interface via it’s IP address. If you can’t you have to reset the device.

Reset to factory default with the button

Follow the instructions HERE.

Firmware flashing / device reset

Follow the instructions HERE.