Customization feature

The web interface has a customization feature where you can:

  • Rename an entity

  • Mark an entity as favorite

  • Disable write action for a specific entity

  • Exclude an entity from MQTT and API

  • Hide an entity from the web Dashboard

  • Remove the entity from memory

You can also import and export these settings via System –> Upload/Download.

Renaming an entity will also rename them in MQTT. Marking an entity as favorite will put them in the top of the list in the web interface. Excluding entities from MQTT and API will for instance remove them in Home Assistant.


If your log in Home Assistant has persistent errors that certain sensors are not found etc, you can just exclude that entity from MQTT and the error will dissapear.

The same tip is valid for entities you don’t want in Home Assistant. Exclude them with a customization and reboot the Gateway so the Auto Discovery can rebuild.

Web interface customization feature