EMS bus compatibility

EMS bus versions

The EMS bus has been around for quite a number of years. It has evolved into several versions:

  • EMS

  • Logamatic EMS

  • EMS2

  • EMS+

  • EMS Plus

  • Heatronic 3

  • Heatronic 4

  • 2 wire bus

They all use the same physical bus, but the protocol used on the bus may vary slightly between versions.

Other bus protocols

Old boilers do not support the EMS protocol but may use the iRT protocol. Also a small number of Bosch boilers use OpenTherm instead of EMS.

Bosch boiler and heat pump brands

Bosch boiler and heat pump brands include:

  • Bosch

  • Buderus

  • Nefit

  • Junkers

  • Worcester

  • Sieger

  • iVT

  • elm.leblanc

EMS device support list

Support for specific devices depends on the firmware on the Gateway. Support for new devices is added with every new release. If your device is not in the list, it might still be fully or partially compatible. If you are missing parameters you can open an issue on the code repository to get support. The firmware supports all 4 heating circuits 1 to 4 simultaneously.

Please see the Compatibility list [1] in the webshop for the most current list.

Non supported devices

Older boilers that use the iRT protocol like the Nefit Ecomline.

  • Nefit Ecomline

  • Buderus GB112

  • Boilers with an UBA 1.0 / UBA 4000

  • Boilers with an UBA 1.5 / UBA 4001

  • Heatronic 2 boilers

Boilers that use the OpenTherm protocol - Nefit ProLine NxT and ProLine ECO (however the ‘normal’ ProLine uses EMS).

Getting support

If your EMS boiler, heat pump or device is not in the list or it is but you are missing parameters, open an issue on Proddy’s Github repository [2] to get support.

Home automation system compatibility

  • Home Assistant

  • Domoticz

  • OpenHAB

  • Other MQTT capable systems

  • Other Restful API (Loxone etc)