Adding heating circuits to Home Assistant

With the preconfigured YAML you only get support for thermostats of heating circuit 1 (HC1). However, lots of systems have a thermostat coupled to another heating circuit.

To add support for more circuits add the following code to climate.yaml:

- platform: mqtt
  name: Thermostat HC2
    - "auto"
    - "heat"
    - "off"
  mode_command_topic: "home/ems-esp/thermostat_cmd_mode2"
  temperature_command_topic: "home/ems-esp/thermostat_cmd_temp2"

  mode_state_topic: "home/ems-esp/thermostat_data"
  current_temperature_topic: "home/ems-esp/thermostat_data"
  temperature_state_topic: "home/ems-esp/thermostat_data"

  mode_state_template: "{% if value_json.hc2.mode == 'manual' %} heat {% else %} {{value_json.hc2.mode}} {% endif %}"

  current_temperature_template: "{{ value_json.hc2.currtemp }}"
  temperature_state_template: "{{ value_json.hc2.seltemp }}"

  temp_step: 0.5

The example above adds a thermostat for heating circuit 2. You can do the same for heating circuits 3 and 4 by replacing the ‘2’ with a ‘3’ or ‘4’.

Restart Home Assistant after making the modifications.