Gateway E32 V2 (Ethernet + WiFi Edition V2)

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The new Gateway E32 V2 (Ethernet + WiFi Edition V2) is the only link you need to add your EMS devices to your home automation system.

If your boiler has an EMS service jack you do not need the DC power supply, only the optional EMS service cable.

If your boiler does not have a service jack, or it does but you want to mount the Gateway elsewhere you need to get the optional DC power supply instead of the EMS service cable.
Both the EMS service cable and the power supply are sold separately as an option below.

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This is the product page for the new Gateway E32 V2 (Ethernet + WiFi Edition V2).

It is the successor of the E32 with LAN port, which was discontinued earlier in 2023.
This new model is a complete redesigned product with a big ESP32 module with 8MB of PSRAM and 16MB of flash.

It has all the same features as the S3 Gateways and it also has a reliable BBQKees EMS circuit for all EMS devices, but it comes with an additional Ethernet/LAN connector (and electronic circuitry) for wired networking.
Because the new design did not fit anymore into the existing S3 enclosure, it’s now in a bigger case (with mounting holes).

Some key specs:

  • New enclosure type with mounting holes
  • All connectors one one side
  • On-board ESP32 module with future proof 8MB* PSRAM and 16MB Flash
  • 2.4GHz Wi-Fi
  • 100Mbit Ethernet LAN port for maximum network stability
  • USB-C port for programming (NOT for powering the device)
  • Optional DS18B20 temperature sensors
  • Powered by service jack or 12V DC power supply
  • Connect to the EMS bus via service jack or screw terminal
  • EMS-ESP firmware 3.6 and higher
  • CE certified product

In the image below a description of all outward facing connectors.

Below an example configuration with LAN cable, EMS via the EMS service cable and an additional DS18B20 sensor.

And here the alternative connection via the orange screw terminal and a 12V DC power supply.

Please check your order to include the EMS service cable or a power supply.
Other jack cables may not fit properly into the connector on the E32 V2. The EMS service cable has special extended plugs.


I also now offer an EMS screw terminal cable which you can find here.

So if your boiler or heat pump has a service jack, you need the optional EMS service cable.
If your boiler or heat pump does not have a service jack or you do now want to use it, you need the optional power supply and an EMS screw terminal cable.


Datasheet E32 Gateway V2

EU Declaration of Conformity E32 V2

If you don’t need LAN/Ethernet you can also get a S3 or S3-LR instead. It has all the same features except for the LAN port.

* The hardware already has 8MB PSRAM, the firmware currently supports 4MB PSRAM.
In a future firmware update more can be enabled if needed.

Does not work with OpenTherm or iRT boilers like the Nefit Proline NxT (normal Proline is OK), Nefit Ecomline, Buderus U104, U112, U114, U122, U124, GB112, GB122, Linea Kombi 23. These do not have an EMS bus. Please check before ordering on the EMS device compatibility page.

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