Warranty and returns


If your product does not work as expected, contact me and we will figure it out, even if you broke it yourself!
All products are tested on an actual EMS boiler before they are sent.
Most of the time issues are caused by improper configuration or a boiler that is not supported.

In the rare case a product or accessory is proven to be defective, I’ll send you a replacement part or product free of charge.
If you broke something yourself, I can send you replacement parts at cost price.
If you have bricked the device by f.i. installing faulty firmware, I can send you a new Wemos with the firmware preloaded at cost price (6 Euro excl. shipping).
You can remove the bricked Wemos from the circuit board and plug in the new Wemos.

Warranty void

You may open the products’ enclosure or update the firmware yourself.
Warranty will however be voided if a product is damaged by f.i. connecting it to a non-EMS boiler, if physical damage occurs or if modifications are done.
Although EMS-ESP makes it possible to use free GPIO pins of the ESP32 microcontroller, you are NOT allowed to open the Gateway and add your own electronics to the GPIO pins as the Gateway was not designed to support these features.
Connecting the product to a mains or 24V thermostat line will damage the product.

Even if you broke it yourself, I’ll assist you in getting the product back online.


Contact me before returning a product.
Return shipping is at your own expense.