Thermostats – Nefit

The table below provides a list of (Bosch) Nefit thermostats and which features are supported.
For some thermostats you cannot change the setpoint via the EMS bus, only read them. 
So for these thermostats you can read the parameters, but they don’t respond to write requests.
Additionally, some of the WiFi connected thermostats don’t send any heating data over the bus, they are ‘detected-only’.

If a thermostat supports multiple heating zones, this will be supported by the Gateway as well.

Some thermostats allow the schedule to be set via the EMS bus, however this is not implemented in the firmware due to too many parameters.

Some thermostats are multi-protocol, so they cannot just do EMS but also iRT or OpenTherm.
The boiler or heat pump needs to be EMS as well otherwise you cannot use the Gateway.

ModelChange setpointRemarksImage
Moduline 100YesNefit Moduline 100
Moduline 200YesNefit Moduline 200
Moduline 300YesThe Moduline 300 supports EMS but also iRT, so make sure you have an EMS boiler.Nefit Moduline 300/400
Moduline 400YesThe Moduline 400 supports EMS but also iRT, so make sure you have an EMS boiler.Nefit Moduline 300/400
Easy, TC100NOYou can view the setpoint, but this thermostat does not respond to write requests. There are other projects that allow this via the XMPP protocol.Nefit Easy
Easycontrol, CT200NOThis thermostat does not send any heating data over the EMS bus. The Gateway can see its presence, but that’s it. You can’t read or write the temperature via EMS.
The problem is a shortcoming of this specific model of thermostat and not of the Gateway. Therefore in its current state it can never be supported by any future firmware update of the Gateway (But you can see the boiler parameters with the Gateway of course).
Moduline 1000,
Moduline 1000H,
Moduleline 1010,
Moduline 1010H
YesThe Moduline 1000/1010 supports both EMS and OpenTherm. Make sure your boiler is EMS!Moduline 1000/1010
Moduline 3000YesNefit Moduline 3000
CR10H, CR10 HYes
TadoNOThe Tado thermostat emulates a Buderus RC10, but not perfectly. You cannot write the setpoint via the EMS bus. But you can read the setpoint over the EMS bus though.
(For HA you can use the Tado integration aside from the Gateway products for full control of your heating system)
Tado thermostat

Nefit non-compatible thermostats

The following thermostats are NOT EMS and are thus NOT compatible with the EMS Gateways.
If you have such a thermostat, the boiler won’t be compatible as well.

Also if you have a thermostat connected to the ON/OFF connector of the boiler, the Gateway cannot see or control it (For instance a Nest, Honeywell or Netatmo thermostat).

Moduline IViRTNefit Moduline IV
Moduline 10iRTNefit Moduline 10
Moduline 20iRTNefit Moduline 20
Moduline 30iRTThis thermostat was used often together with a Nefit Ecomline boiler. However, early EMS boilers sometimes also use this thermostat via so called RCC module. Nefit Moduline 30
RCC moduleiRTThis module allows you to connect an iRT thermostat of the above to an EMS boiler.
If your boiler is EMS, but has a RCC module and an old iRT Moduline thermostat, remove the RCC module and the old thermostat and buy f.i. a second hand Moduline 400 from Marktplaats. They are only about 25 Euro second hand. This way you have all features and you can set the temperature via the Gateway.