EMS Interface board

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EMS to TTL level interface board for 3.3V and 5V compatible UART of f.i. Arduino, Wemos, Raspberry Pi.

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What you get is one fully assembled EMS interface board V0.9 with all components in place as in the product image.
All components are sourced from respectable European suppliers (so no fake Chinese IC’s). Every board has been tested in RX and TX mode on my own boiler.
This board is compatible with f.i. Arduino, ESP8266, Wemos, NodeMCU, Raspberry Pi and other microcontrollers.
For more information have a look at the product wiki.

You can connect the board to the bus via the 3,5mm service jack or via the EMS/thermostat wires on the screw connector.

Base price excluding shipping is 27,95 Euro incl. 21% VAT/BTW/Sales tax.

If you are buying this board because you want to use it on a iRT boiler please purchase the iRT modified item.

Currently the color of the circuit board is blue. There is no difference with the white boards as in the images.

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Weight 0.06 kg
Bus compatibility

EMS, EMS Plus, EMS+, EMS2, Heatronic


3,5mm Service jack, EMS bus wire screw terminal, EMS power out header