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Powering the E32 V2 EMS Gateway via passive POE

Sometimes there is no easy way to make a 230V wall outlet or power socket near the boiler or heat pump. The E32 V2 has Ethernet, but is does not support active POE (Power Over Ethernet), which is usually 48V or 24V.

What you can do instead is use a so called ‘passive POE cable kit’ like the Digitus DN-95001 to inject the 12V DC of the BBQKees Electronics power supply to the E32 V2 over the same Ethernet cable as the LAN signal.

Each Ethernet cable has 8 leads, 4 of which are used for data and the other 4 are used for power.

These cable kits will also work for longer distances of Ethernet cable where the 12V voltage may drop a bit, because the E32 V2 will still work with f.i. 9V DC. And the bitrate of the connection is relatively low at just 100Mbit.

Below an image of such a cable kit. The female Ethernet connectors are for connecting to the Ethernet cable from the router location to the Gateway location. And then one side has a Ethernet plug which you plug into your router or switch and a female receptacle for the 5,5mm DC barrel jack plug of the 12V DC power supply.
The other cable in the kit has a male Ethernet plug and a 5,5mm male barrel jack plug for connecting to the Gateway.

Below an example setup. On the left you connect the combiner cable to your router or switch, and you plug in the 12V DC power supply to the connector on that cable.
On the receiving end you connect the incoming Ethernet cable to the splitter cable, and then the Ethernet plug of the splitter cable and the barrel jack plug into the E32 V2.

Please pay attention if your switch or router has 24V or 48V POE enabled on that specific port and you are using this passive cable set at the same time, you may blow up the Gateway. Of course I do not give any warranty if you fry the circuit board. Furthermore this page is just for reference. Always know what you are doing when messing with voltages and cables. The above example may or may not work in your specific situation.