EMS service cable 110cm

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110cm EMS service cable for heat pumps and boilers.

One side has a straight plug, the other side is angled.
Both plugs are extended so they will fit all boilers and heat pumps.

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This is a high quality EMS service cable for connecting the Gateway or interface board to the service connector on the boiler or heat pump. It’s the same type of cable as optionally delivered with each Gateway product.

The cable length of 110cm is perfect for mounting the Gateway outside of the heat pump.
For boilers the 50cm service cable is probably more suitable. See here.

This cable will fit all Gateway models and all interface boards ever sold by me.
It can also be used to connect the Bosch/Buderus/Junkers MB LANi / Web KM100.

Lots of EMS boilers have a service jack with a recessed connector.
This means not all jack plugs will fit properly and you can shortcut the bus.
This cable has extended plugs on both sides, so it will always fit.
(The plugs are exactly the same as Bosch uses themselves).

The EMS Gateways are also powered via this jack cable.
Because of this the copper wires inside the cable need to be thick enough to handle the current.
Cheap jack cables are only intended for audio and these have way too thin wires inside, which may cause a fire hazard.
This cable has been verified to work well with all EMS Gateways and interface boards.

Some boilers have the service jack connector behind a plastic panel.
Because one side of this cable has an angled plug, you can still close the panel with the plug inserted.


  • AWG24 copper wire
  • 110cm length
  • color black
  • extended plugs
  • one side straight plug
  • one side angled plug

Not all boilers have a service jack. If so, it’s usually positioned on the front of the boiler near the display.
Almost all heat pumps have the service jack on a cable on the inside of the housing.
See the wiki for more information.

Custom manufactured shielded cable with high quality molded connectors, can withstand >10x the maximum power draw of a Gateway. 

This cable does not fit old iRT boilers like the Ecomline. Only use it with EMS boilers and heat pumps.

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3,5mm Service jack

BBQKees product compatibility

E32, E32 V2, Interface board V0.9, Interface board V1, Interface board V3, Interface board V3.1, Premium, Premium II, S3, S3-LR, S32

22 reviews for EMS service cable 110cm

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    Alexander (verified owner)

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    Florin M. (verified owner)

    Perfect length and robust cable

    Image #1 from Florin M.
  3. Dutch

    Eric P. (verified owner)

    Niet toegepast. Gateway direct op de bus van ketel en zonneboiler aangesloten

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    Anonymous (verified owner)

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    Anonymous (verified owner)

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    Alexander R. (verified owner)

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    Anonymous (verified owner)

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    Menko S. (verified owner)

    Does what it has to do

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    nlFlevoland, Netherlands

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    beBrussels Capital, Belgium

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    Stefan H. (verified owner)


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    Charles A. (verified owner)

    usWashington, United States

    Cable appeared to be good of construction. In my unit the connector would not go flush to the service port. That is not a issue with the cable but of my unit.

  15. English

    Teppo Kallio (verified owner)

    fiFinland Proper, Finland

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    Anonym (verified owner)

    deLower Saxony, Germany

    tut was es soll

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    Gewwon OK

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