Heat pumps – Bosch/Nefit

All EMS heat pumps send out the status of about 50 to 80 (some more than 100) of its parameters to the bus every 10 to 60 seconds.
The table below gives an overview of Bosch/Nefit heat pumps that have been tested with EMS-ESP. For the heat pumps a lot of parameters are available. Periodically new parameters are added in the firmware.
Most or all heat pumps have a service jack that is on a cable inside the housing. Also see theĀ wiki.

For Nefit hybrid systems that include both an EMS heat pump and an EMS boiler you can only read out the heat pump OR the boiler with one Gateway. If you want to read out both you need two Gateways. Contact us for a discount.

Bosch often uses the same models of heat pumps for each brand, so you get the same heat pump with a different brand label and model name on it. In general if you remove the front panel and see a grey installer board like below your heat pump is compatible.

Some brine/ground heat pumps only have a CAN bus, if you are unsure whether your heat pump has an EMS bus just send me an email via the contact form and I will check.

For all the supported heat pumps the service connector is on a cable below the cover of the inside unit (See here).

For the table below mostly the inside units are displayed, it is not so relevant what the outside unit is.

Enviline Hybride Split5.0 B-S,
7.0 B-S,
9.0 B-S,
12 B-T,
14 B-T,
16 B-T.
Enviline Hybride Monoblock5.0 B-S,
7.0 B-S,
9.0 B-S,
13 B-T,
17 B-T,
Enviline all-electric Split5.0 E-S,
7.0 E-S,
9.0 E-S,
12 E-T,
14 E-T,
16 E-T.
Enviline all-electric Monoblock5s,
Compress 3400i Hybride Split6, 8, 10,
10 400V,
12 400V,
14 400V.
Compress Hybrid 7000i
Compress 7400i Monoblock5, 7
Nefit EnviLine 5-9 E,
13-17 E
Nefit EnviLine Tower 5-9 T,
13-17 T
Nefit EnviLine TowerSolar 5-9 TS,
13-17 TS
Compress 7800i LWF,
Compress 7800i LWMF.
Compress 3800i EW

Bosch/Nefit non-compatible heat pumps

The heat pumps below only work with the CAN bus and do not have an additional EMS bus. So you can’t use the EMS Gateways with these heatpumps.

Compress 6000 LWM4,5,