iRT interface boards (experimental)

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This is an EMS interface product modified to work with old iRT boilers like the Nefit Ecomline.

I do not sell products for iRT anymore.

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This board is a modified version of the EMS interface board so it works on most older iRT boilers.
It is modified according to the info based on Victor-Mo’s Github repository.
The code on the repository is intended to provide an interface to Nefit Ecomline boilers.

Using the boards:

The 3,5mm servicejack on the Ecomline boiler is a mono plug with power only.
You need to connect to the bus via the thermostat wires, preferably close to the thermostat.
You need to add an ESP8266 microcontroller (like the Wemos D1 Mini) yourself.
The Wemos microcontroller needs to be powered with a USB adapter (not included).

The bigger 6,5mm plug is the iRT bus, however if you connect the Gateway there it connects the thermostat is series with the board and the thermostat doesn’t work properly anymore.

As the modification is experimental and determined by trial and error based on just a few use cases, I cannot guarantee that it will work for everyone.

If the board does not work in your setup, let me know so we can see if we can do something about it.

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