Setting the correct TX mode (V1.9.5 firmware)

Depending on the specific EMS protocol version and boiler brand, the boiler may expect a different mode of transmit messages (TX) from the Gateway. These modes are called TX modes and there are currently three:

  • TX mode 1: Generic

  • TX mode 2: EMS+

  • TX mode 3: Junkers Heatronic

The TX mode is set by default to mode 1 ‘EMS generic’. This should work for most boilers. However some boilers use EMS+ and in other cases (in particular Junkers boilers) have a slightly different TX method. You only need to change this mode if the dashboard of the web interface says ‘TX not working’. Otherwise leave it at mode 1.

Changing TX mode

Go back to the web interface of the Gateway. Go to ‘Settings’ and click on ‘Custom settings’.

Web interface mqtt settings

If mode 1 doesn’t work, you can try mode 2 or 3. After you make a change here, reboot the Gateway and check if TX now works as expected.