Overview of all web interface settings


This page is for firmware version 1.9.5. If you have a Gateway with the new V2 firmware continue HERE.

There’s a whole range of other settings you can make from within the web interface. Most speak for themselves. Below an overview of all pages. With each new firmware version features are added and sometimes removed. The pages below are based on 1.9.3.

System status

The status page provides a more detailed overview of the status of the Gateway.

Web interface system

General settings

On the general settings page you can change the admin password and the host name. Be carefull changing the host name, as this is used in the MQTT topic address as well.

Web interface general settings

Time settings

For logging and debugging purposes its possible to add NTP time. Normally you don’t need to change this.

Web interface time settings

Custom settings

Here you can make a number of hardware and software settings.

Web interface custom settings

Event log

For debugging purpuses.

Web interface event log

Backup and restore

On this page you can create a backup of all current setting or restore the settings from a previous backup.

Web interface backup and restore settings

Factory reset

On this page you can do a factory reset to start over from scratch.

Web interface factory reset

Restart system

Clicking this button will restart the Gateway.

Web interface reboot

Update firmware

On this page you can update the firmware of the Gateway. First you can download the latest stable version and then upload the bin file or another bin file to the Gatway.

If your Gateway works fine and there are no significant new features, its not recommended to update the firmware just for the sake of updating. Some firmware versions are not stable and can give stability issues.

Web interface firmware update menu